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Parallel Recovery™
Family Program

Parallel Recovery™ is a structured 6 week curriculum designed for all affected family members to gain awareness of self and learn new tools of engagement that will support connection and sustainability in the relationship with your loved one. 

This course is held online weekly via zoom and runs continually through the 6 weeks of topics. 

Topics covered in the Parallel Recovery™  Family Program

  • Identifying Personal Values and Creating  Safety in our Relationships

  • Understanding Why Behaviors Make Sense and Family Roles in the Stages of Change

  • Acknowledging Ambiguous Grief, Tragic Optimism and Learning about the Willingness to Stay Engaged

  • Accessing Motivational Interviewing Tools. Listening and Responding with the Intention to Understand. 

  • Escaping the Victim Mindset - Boundaries and Agreements

  • The Importance of Self Compassion - and What does it look like?

If you are just starting your personal journey to Recovery, this is a great place to start. Families will gain awareness, education and tools to communicate and engage in ways that create connection and sustainability. 

Tuesdays at 6:00PM MDT-Registration includes participation for all adult affected family members. 

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