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Parallel Recovery

Parallel Recovery is the process of families activating their own personal recovery from the disease of addiction. Each month I explore resources and support to help the family navigate the challenging journey of loving and supporting a family member with Substance Use Disorder.  


Why Language Matters

Words do hurt-in fact they can act as grenades that leave a deep impact. 

7 Stages of Recovery

What does Recovery actually mean? Does Recovery begin upon stopping the use of substances or engaging in a meaningful life?

Things to consider if your loved one has a Recurrence

As a member, it can feel like all of the support and love that we have provided has been in vain when they return to use.

National Recovery Month

September marks National Recovery Month

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Finding Freedom Through Inner Peace

Your life is priceless, and limited in time. How many hours, days or years something, or someone else?