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A single flower- representing hope and growth.

Affected Families

We believe that the family system can be the starting point of the recovery process. When an individual is struggling with mental health and substance use, the entire family becomes affected by the chaos that the negative behavior brings. 


We begin to work with families to cause a break in that chaos and foster an environment  to make healing changes from the inside out. 


Our family work can include one member of the family or all of the affected adult members. We meet your family where you are in the process of understanding and willingness to engage and help you to become the person/people  you want in your relationship. 

Our Family Recovery work focuses on:

  • Understanding your personal values

  • Finding awareness in your reactions and patterns of engagement 

  • Psychoeducation around disease of addiction

  • Understanding of what engagement in the behavior creates and how to lean into the relationship

  • Understanding how to create and communicate healthy boundaries for the benefit of all parties

  • Communication tools and skills to foster connection and influence 

  • Self-Compassion and creating a system of support for your sustainability in the journey of loving someone with substance use disorder. 

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