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Family Coaching

We are passionate in our belief that families can be the consistent and healed voices in the epidemic of substance use and mental health in our country. We work with your family to acquire the tools needed to connect with and have an impact on your loved ones struggling with mental health and substance use. We help you to gain the tools needed to sustain the journey of supporting your loved ones, while staying healthy yourselves. 

Private Coaching - 

We will work with you and your family to mend fractures and lean into the relationships rather than detach from them. When you commit to a family recovery coaching process, you will gain  skills and language that will help you step out of the cycle of chaos that you may be in as a result of the pain that your family is enduring from substance use. We combine evidence based modalities and tools to learn to navigate your days and relationships with intention and connection. 


Our coaching process is not a quick fix solution but a process of growth and self realization. We will guide you to learn that human value, intentional living and present connections are the core center of a relationship and we will help you arrive at a place of peace and restoration in your alignment with self as well as the influence you can have on your loved one. 

Our private coaching is structured to fit your specific circumstances and can be combined with case management when needed and appropriate. 

A 6 Week CourseFamily Support Group and Consultations are also available. 

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