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My Story

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When addiction knocked on my family's door and stole our son, I was in shock.  I was a teacher and my husband was the soccer coach.  We lived in a nice neighborhood, volunteered for the PTA and belonged to the local pool. 


Shame and fear isolated us and I spent precious years yelling, crying and searching for help and answers.  "Rock Bottom" and "Tough Love" did not feel right and I had nothing but the shattered pieces of my family to stare at in despair. 

I searched for answers and help for both myself and my son. In desperation, I realized that my son was walking further from help, and I was also on a path leading to sadness, guilt and shame. The only one that I had control over was myself, and I became determined to regain control over my own life, rebuild the family relationships in jeopardy and love my son greatly.  In that moment I discovered that working on creating healthy boundaries, communicating with compassion and continuing to love my son where he was at - immersed in a disease that he could not control-was the only way out - for both of us. I could not help my son if I did not first save myself.  

I have hope that all families fighting the battle of addiction can regain peace and hope and learn to live their lives with intention, led by love and compassion-as we are only promised today. 


My Approach

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I encourage and empower families to create a path to self care, problem solving and goal setting to begin to heal from the trauma of addiction.

I teach families behavioral and motivational strategies for interacting with their loved ones and how to use positive communication skills to improve interactions and maximize influence to change. 


Image by Mara Ket
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