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Community Reinforcement and Family Training


The Craft approach is a system for helping family members change the way that they interact with someone with substance use disorder.  CRAFT is a skills based philosophy that helps families function better in multiple areas of their lives, including self care, involvement in pleasurable activities, problem solving, and goal setting.  At the same time CRAFT addresses the loved one's resistance to change by teaching families behavioral and motivational strategies to communicate with their loved ones in a way that improves interactions and maximizes influence on positive behavior.  


Invitation to Change

You may be confused and losing hope about your loved one's behaviors or feel like your caring is actually making the problem worse.  Research and evidence shows that you do have the power to help.  A compassionate and skills-oriented outlook works towards reducing shame, guilt and stigma while providing tools to foster growth and promote and encourage change.  

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a goal-oriented style of communicating with the language of change at its center.  It is designed to strengthen motivation and commitment towards a specific goal by exploring personal reasons and interests for change surrounded by compassion and acceptance.  It is designed as a way to empower people to make positive changes based on their own meaning, importance and capacity.

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