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The Power of a Hard Stop

I was confused to learn that the period, the most commonly used punctuation in English Language, is becoming obsolete.

According to this New York Times article, the wide

use of instant messaging is making the use of the most well known punctuation unnecessary. Our communication is becoming one long run on sentence.

Our relationships are continuing to be conducted in information giving pauses optional.

As a musician, I learned that in silence, the audience has the

opportunity to reflect, absorb, feel…CONNECT with what is being heard. In the silent pauses, the listener is given the opportunity to hear their OWN interpretation of their personal experience with the music.

I believe the same thing happens in spoken communication with our loved ones when connection is the central focus.

In 2012 a Colorado wildfire tore through our neighborhood and we lost our home and everything we owned. It changed our lives forever and while we were physically safe, the emotional toll that it took on my family is still being felt today. MANY people helped us in so many ways to navigate the overwhelming job of replacing our lives. A wonderful friend and running partner picked me up for a run one day. She exercised patience as my run slowed to a walk which slowed to a puddle of crying mess on the trail. We made our way back to our car and she pulled out cold water bottles and snacks she had packed in a cooler. We sat for an hour eating snacks in silence. Nothing she could say would fix what was broken.

It was only a period - but it made a difference

There was a time when my son was in active addiction where it was not safe for him to be in our home. When he lived in our home, we could not love him. We yelled and fought and spied and compromised our values

and our relationships. During that time we talked to him daily and saw him often. One particular meeting I had with him was to take him to the gym that we belong to in order to shower and clean up. I brought him nice smelling soap and shampoo and a soft towel that smelled like home. I sat in the lobby while he showered and when he came out he hugged me and simply said “Thank you mom”. I said nothing.

Nothing I could say would fix what was broken.

It was only a period - but it made a difference

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