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Coaching and Workshops

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I offer a free consultation to meet with your family and hear your story.  I then meet you where you are in the process of healing and recovery and devise a plan to continue to work through a process of learning to love well, communicate effectively and set healthy boundaries that your family can agree on.  With my support you will start to walk down the path of reclaiming your health and well being. I coach you on how to reclaim peace in your daily life, communicate with your loved one in a way that will maintain their dignity, help rebuild their sense of self and motivate them to seek a healthier approach to their substance use, whether that is inpatient treatment, IOP and outside services or harm reduction and community accountability.  

  • 30 min
  • Recovery Coaching can be conducted as 1:1 sessions or as family group
    1 hr 30 min
    Contact for pricing
  • Use this link to schedule a 1:1 connect with me
    30 min
  • Supportive Family Recovery Community
    1 hr 30 min