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Reclaim and Recover

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Family Recovery Coaching  

A loved one's substance use affects the entire family and can consume every aspect of people's lives. 


Relationships, career, physical and mental health all deteriorate when one family member is suffering from the disease of addiction.  As my family navigated our loved one's resistance to help, we discovered that "rock bottom" and "tough love" were not philosophies that we believed in and instead turned to LOVE and COMPASSION amidst the disease.  

I coach you to communicate with love and rebuild relationships that don't center around the chaos and shame of substance use. 


Let me help you learn and implement tools such as CRAFT, Invitation to Change and Motivational Interviewing to effectively restore peace to your family and empower your loved one to seek positive change in their lives. 



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Lisa Smith
Certified Family Recovery Coach

  • Classical Musician and Teacher

  • A mom who was broken when addiction knocked on our family's door

  • Believer that hearts and homes damaged by addiction can be restored with peace and hope


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"Lisa has been a great source of support as I meet the needs of my teens. I am grateful for her wisdom and guidance." 


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"Lisa's style is conversational and comfortable.


She coaches with positive encouragement


and mutual respect. She is brave and honest 


with equal measures of encouragement and




"We have seen a blossoming we didn't know


possible through her leadership and





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