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Reclaim and Recover
Family Recovery Services

Lisa Smith

Family Recovery Coach

Certified Family Recovery Coach  |  B.M.,  M.Ed  |  Cert. CCAR, CRAFT, ITC, MI, IFS | TEDx Speaker

Parallel Recovery™  - Supporting the Journey of Family Healing

Our Mission

We meet you where you are and walk with you on your journey, guiding you on the path of Parallel Recovery™ . 

Change doesn't happen overnight and we understand first hand how isolating and frightening loving someone with a substance use disorder can feel.


We support you so that you can remember who you were before this all started, see who you have become in your relationship and identify who you want to be moving forward. Parallel Recovery is a process of healing and growth that can help you love yourself and your person better moving forward.

Our Services


Family Coaching

We work with your family to empower you to connect with and have an impact on your loved one struggling with mental health and substance use. We help you to gain the tools needed to sustain the journey of supporting your loved one, while staying healthy yourselves. 


Case Management Services

We support you with connections and referrals to vetted treatment professionals around the country. By partnering with you to find the appropriate resources for your loved one, we can help lessen the burden as you are navigating care and support for your loved one.


Family Support Group

The Begin Again Family Support group is a monthly membership support group that meets once per week online. It is designed for affected family members and focuses on creating a community of others navigating their loved ones’ challenges with Substance Use Disorder. This is a place to find common humanity and community with other families and it follows a guided topic each week. 

Parallel Recovery Family Program

Parallel Recovery is a structured 6 week curriculum designed for all affected family members to gain awareness of self and learn new tools of engagement that will support connection and sustainability in the relationship with your loved one. 


A Little About Me...

"​... In a very rare moment of clarity and authentic vulnerability, I realized that I was the person with the power to begin the change process for our entire family. I could be the small pebble that could create the ripple in the water needed to provide connection and hope for myself and others. I became determined to regain control over my own life, rebuild the family relationships in jeopardy and love my son greatly - separate from his behavior and as the person who had lost himself in the disease of addiction. 

In that moment I discovered that working on creating healthy boundaries, communicating with compassion and continuing to love my son where he was at - immersed in a disease that he could not control-was the only way out - for both of us. I could not help my son if I did not first save myself and become the person who I was proud to show up as."

Lisa Smith- Family Recovery Coach

A Message to Treatment Professionals

We partner with you to support the work that you are providing for individuals struggling with mental health and substance use.


“Families rave about all they learn from you, and so many express such gratitude.” 


-Therapist at a

Residential Treatment Center

" You helped save our relationship with our person which has helped immensely in our person’s recovery." 

-Private Client-

“As I have repeatedly told the treatment center you referred our daughter to saved her life, and you helped save ours!”


-Private Client-

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